EcoSpinners brings you the first, commercially viable fuel cell powered vehicle. We have
combined a high powered lithium ion battery with a novel fuel cell to make a power pack for electric bikes which will provide:

  • High efficiency
  • Zero Emission
  • Low Foot Print
  • Cost effective Transport

EcoSpinners uses a proprietary liquid fueled, fuel cell which does not contain precious metals like platinum which are a dominating cost in conventional fuel cells. Our liquid fuel and oxidizer eliminates problems that exist with handling gaseous fuel and are as safe as household cleaning chemicals.

Our fuel cells provide an affordable way to tap into the benefits of high energy storage that have made fuel cells a sought after technology. Combined with our high power lithium ion battery to deliver the power necessary to accelerate and climb hills, we can deliver range and power in a compact, cost competitive package.

We have exclusive licenses for the IP for complete power pack technology for the two wheeled market worldwide, with options to expand to other complementary markets like golf carts and medical scooters. This will allow us to prove in our power pack system in a low barrier market then expand to both the global market and into other consumer products.

Our bikes will deliver over 100 mile range which far exceeds existing standards of approximately 25 miles. In addition, we provide quick and easy fuel tank swap out which can extend our bikes range infinitely.

With the manufacturing partnerships we have made, we are able to deliver our bikes today at a similar cost as the low end of existing electric bikes ($2000) and have the potential to drop down to half that cost over the next five years.

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